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Oil and gas production occurs in all the countries surrounding Armenia but the country has achieved no production itself.

From 1947 to 1953 the Soviets ran gravity and magnetic surveys and a few wells were drilled in the early 1950s. Seismic surveys were then undertaken between 1961 and 1968 with nearly 1,000 kms of basic data acquired and in 1966, additional gravity data identified small basins in the mountain valleys including the Octemberian and Near-Araks basins in the west within the Ararat Depresion, mostly in Turkey. Around 10 wells were drilled on a prospect in the Octemberian basin up to 1974 which flowed non-commercial gas.

A second phase of exploration started in 1981 driven by onshore discoveries in Georgia and Azerbaijan. During 1981 to 1990 around 2,250 kms of seismic data were acquired and over 50 shallow stratigraphic wells were drilled plus 3 deep wells, that took a long time to drill. A well on the Shorakhbiur anticline in the central Armenian depression was reported to have had oil shows and another well on the Octemberian anticline was reported to have had gas shows.

The lack of success by the Soviets and only limited interest since independence leads Globalshift to forecast no commercial oil and gas production from Armenia.

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