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Burundi has no history of production. Two wells were drilled in 1987, both dry, but otherwise there has been no oil and gas exploration drilling conducted in the country. Globalshift does not forecast any future production of oil or gas.

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Land-locked Burundi consists largely of metamorphosed sandstones and shales of the Burundian Supergroup of Proterozoic age with inliers of basement rocks of Archaean age.

The Western Rift around and northwards of Bujumbura, lies on trend with the Ugandan Albertine Rift. It is partly filled with Cenozoic sediments whilst alluvium and lake sediments of Quaternary age outcrop along nearby rivers. Lake Tanganyika, on the country’s western border, occupies the southern half of this rift in Burundi.

Although oil fields have been discovered within the Albertine Rift in Uganda, to the north, no petroleum potential has been identified in Burundi. Globalshift considers Its geology is probably unsuitable for the accumulation and preservation of commercial oil or gas fields.