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Vertical axis in chart corresponds to 000s of bbls of oil equivalent per day.

Oil -  fossil oil from on and offshore reservoirs, including tight sands/shales; and liquids extracted from gas.

Gas - sales gas from on and offshore reservoirs, including tight sands/shales and coal beds.

Full breakdowns are available in datafiles.

Vertical axis in chart corresponds to number of wells spudded in year including stand-alone sidetracks.

Wells in chart include those drilled in exploratory and development categories for oil and gas, but excluding CBM.

Full breakdowns are available in datafiles.

Exploration and Production

Early history

Hydrocarbon exploration offshore Croatia commenced in 1970 with the Jadran-1 well. In 1973 the Jadran-6 well made the country’s first offshore Pliocene shallow gas discovery at the Ivana Field in the north, close to the mouth of the Po River. In the south a number of wells later encountered oil shows in the Cretaceous near the Italian border where producing fields exist but no commercial discoveries have been made.

Modern history

From 2013 14,700 kms of 2D seismic data were acquired and tied to an 8,000 km dataset over the Italian margin that had been reprocessed in 2011. The government also enacted a series of reforms in 2013 updating the hydrocarbons laws, establishing new terms and forming the Croatian Hydro­carbon Agency to oversee activities.The 1st offshore licensing round was then announced including 29 blocks in water depths up to 1,300m.

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In development

Oil and gas forecasts

Offshore around 120 wells have been drilled in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, mostly in the north, whilst the south is virtually unexplored. Nearly 20 shallow gas discoveries have been made but only a few are currently producing.

In development

Southern Europe


CROATIA: OIL AND GAS FIELDS (source: Spectrum)

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