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Guinea-Bissau has no history of production but a number of oil discoveries have been made offshore, the largest in an area straddling the boundary with Senegal. AGC was created in 1993 between the governments of the 2 countries to jointly administer this maritime zone between the two countries.

The exploration of the AGC area began in 1958 when it was separately awarded to Total in Senegal and Exxon in Guinea-Bissau. Initial exploration focused on salt diapir-related structural traps and resulted in the discovery of the Dome Flore heavy oil field in 1967 and the Dome Gea heavy oil field in 1971. ln 1991, Casamance Petroleum took the area and acquired 3D seismic. The licence expired in 1994 and the area was subsequently relicensed to Pecten who, in 1996, drilled a shallow exploration well on the eastern flank of Dome Gea (Baobab-1). This well encountered many levels with oil shows.Two permits for hydrocarbon exploration in the deep water areas (AGC Central and AGC Profon) were awarded in 2001. After seismic surveys one dry well was drilled in AGC Profond in 2011.

In Guinea-Bissau outside the AGC the shallow water Sinapa oil field in Block 2 was discovered in 2004 when Sinapa-2 drilled by Premier Oil intersected an oil column associated with a salt structure. Two appraisal wells were successful but the small size of the accumulation has so far prevented development.

Although there is an active petroleum system in Guinea-Bissau with numerous discoveries, the fact that no commercial developments have been possible leads Globalshift to forecast no oil or gas production for at least the short and medium term. A few wells were drilled in the early 1960s in the onshore part of the basin but all were dry and no oil or gas production is forecast onshore.

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