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The Guyana Basin offshore North and Northeast Guyana (and also Suriname) is bordered by the Demerara Plateau on the east. The Pomeroon High separates the basin from the offshore part of the Venezuelan Basin on the west. Onshore the Guyana Shield forms its western and southern borders. Two sub-basins are recognised, namely the Bakhuis Horst and the Guyana Deep Sea Depression. Sandstones in the Lower Tertiary are the main reservoirs.

Early history

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Modern history

Exploration activity has been concentrated in the Stabroek Block since 2015 with over 40 exploration wells drilled up to 2019. ExxonMobil as operator had discovered more than 6 billion bbls of oil in 14 fields by 2019. The fields include Liza, Liza Deep, Ranger, Snoek, Hammerhead, Payara, Pacora, Pluma, Haimara, Longtail, Turbot, Tilapia, Yellowtail and Tripletail.

Tullow, as operator, went on to  make the Jethro Lobe and Joe discoveries in the Orinduick Block in 2019, the first outside Stabroek.

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Oil and gas forecasts

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GUYANA: OFFSHORE LICENCES (source: Oil and Gas Financial Journal)

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