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South Asia


Vertical axis in chart corresponds to 000s of bbls of oil equivalent per day.

Oil -  fossil oil from on and offshore reservoirs, including tight sands/shales; and liquids extracted from gas.

Gas - sales gas from on and offshore reservoirs, including tight sands/shales and coal beds.

Full breakdowns are available in datafiles.

Vertical axis in chart corresponds to number of wells spudded in year including stand-alone sidetracks.

Wells in chart include those drilled in exploratory and development categories for oil and gas, but excluding CBM.

Full breakdowns are available in datafiles.

Early history

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Modern history

The KD-1 well in 1984 was the first discovery in the Kutch offshore basin, flowing oil and gas from Eocene limestones and sandstones. The GK-22 well drilled gas in Cretaceous sandstones in 1992 and subsequently 2 wells, GK-39 and GK-22C, both drilled in 2004, identified significant gas reserves within similar sediments of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous age. Well GK-28 then discovered gas in 2009 in a Miocene-age reservoir and the first oil in the basin was identified in underlying Cretaceous sediments in 2010. Further gas and minor oil discoveries, have since been made in this area.

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India overlies 27 sedimentary basins, eight of which contain commercial volumes of oil and gas.

The Kutch basin - is a Late Triassic to Cretaceous rift related to the separation of India and Africa along the E-W Delhi Trend. It evolved into a passive margin basin during the Cenozoic.

Oil and gas forecasts

Finally, 2 Kutch basin discoveries (GK28/42) are due to be put onstream in the early 2020s by ONGC as a cluster development after a period of exploration to find additional incremental reserves. Some subsequent growth is possible.

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E and P

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