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Land-locked Malawi has no history of production and no exploration wells have ever been drilled in the country.

Since 2012 there has been activity evaluating the potential of blocks in the north of the country adjacent to Lake Malawi and in the south through geological studies and gravity and magnetic surveys. However, Globalshift does not forecast any future production of oil or gas from the country in the short or medium term.

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Malawi is a narrow, mountainous, land-locked country with no oil or gas fields. Its location within the East African Rift has led a few companies to consider the opportunity for analogous fields to those found in countries to the north.

Uganda, in particular, is the site of several large oil fields under development in Lake Albert and its near-shore areas. The Western Rift that forms Lake Malawi is on trend with the Ugandan Albertine Rift and is partly filled by Cenozoic sediments.

However, no petroleum potential has yet been identified in Malawi and Globalshift considers its geology is probably unsuitable for the accumulation and preservation of commercial oil or gas fields.

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