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Swaziland has no history of drilling and production. No exploration wells have ever been drilled and it is very unlikely that exploratory activity will ever occur. Globalshift does not forecast any future production of oil or gas from the country.

For recent events see News Briefs.

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Swaziland is land-locked and partly mountainous on the east. It is composed of rocks of the African Kalahari craton and sediments laid down in a huge inland basin during the Late Carboniferous to the Middle-Jurassic. Along the eastern edge are basaltic lavas, known as the Lebombo lavas, which are the remains of the Karoo volcanic event.

During the Jurassic, the crust under the Karoo basin ruptured, releasing huge volumes of basaltic lava which covered nearly the whole of Southern Africa. The massive lava outpouring brought the Karoo sedimentation to an abrupt end. The mountains of Swaziland comprise these preserved volcanic rocks and the plains are floored by Karoo sediments and cratonic basement.

Consequently Globalshift regards the country as having no oil and gas potential.