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No significant news in 2023.


May 2022: Trillion Energy has provided an update on the Vranino 1-11 gas block in the Dobrudja basin prompted by Gazprom cutting off gas supply to the country, citing the refusal to pay in Russian roubles. The exploration program includes 5 wells after increases in gas prices have improved the project economics.


No significant news in 2021.


Jun 2020: The government has granted Repsol permission to transfer its 30% interest in deepwater 1-21 Khan Asparuh block, in the Black Sea, to its partners (Total and OMV). Total will hold 57.14% and OMV will hold 42.86%. In 2016, Total announced an oil discovery (Polshkov-1), the first on the Khan Asparuh Block and the first deep water well in the Bulgarian Black Sea.

Mar 2020: Total has contracted Shearwater GeoServices to perform towed streamer 3D acquisition and fasttrack processing in the Black Sea. Shearwater run a 3-month, 5,500 sq km survey over the Khan Asparuh block 1-21.


Jun 2019: Bulgaria has agreed to buy 2 cargoes of LNG from the USA via the Revithoussa LNG terminal in Greece in a deal with with Greek state-run DEPA. It wishes to reduce its dependence on Russian gas.

Mar 2019: Shell will start drilling an exploration well in 1,300m of water in the Black Sea within the Block 1-14 Khan Kubrat license. The Noble Globetrotter II drillship will be used.


No significant news in 2018.


No significant news in 2017.


Oct 2016: Total (operator, 40%), OMV (30%) and Repsol (30%) have made an oil discovery with the Polshkov-1 exploration well, 128 kms offshore in the Khan Asparuh license, Black Sea. The commitment is to drill 2 exploration wells.

Feb 2016: Shell has been awarded a 5-year permit to explore the 1-14 Silistar deep water block in the Black Sea, offshore Bulgaria. The work program for the block includes a seismic survey.


Sep 2015: Petroceltic will complete connection of Kavarna East, discovered in 2010, in 2016 via a subsea well tied back to Kavarna. Meanwhile production from Kavarna-1 and Kaliakra-1 continues to decline. The company is considering drilling Kaliakra-3 to help drain the field.

Sep 2015: The Bulgarian Ministry of Energy has awarded Shell a permit for  Block 1-14 Silistar in the Black Sea on the border with Turkey with water depths up to 2000m. The work program includes 2D and 3D seismic.

Aug 2015: Total (drilling operator, 40%) will start drilling in the Black Sea early in 2016 within the Khan Asparuh 1-21 block, along with OMV (seismic operator, 30%) and Repsol (30%). The Block was awarded in 2012 and 2 exploration wells are planned.

Apr 2015: The tenders for oil and gas exploration rights for Block 1-14 Silistar and Block 1-22 Teres in the Black Sea have been released.  The government hopes for international companies will bid as was the case with the Han Asparuh exploration block.

Mar 2015: Mizia Oil and Gas has obtained rights to explore for oil and gas at onshore Blocks 1-5 (Devetaki), Block 1-7 (Tarnak), Block 1-9 (Mizia), and Block 1-10 (Botevo) from Moesia Oil and Gas. The 4 blocks are in the districts of Lovech, Pleven, Gabrovo, Vratsa and Montana.


Dec 2014: Drilling in the Black Sea will be delayed until early 2016 following the fall in oil prices. Total, operator of the offshore Khan Asparuh block with OMV and Repsol, has cancelled tenders for drilling services. The drilling of a deep water well in the block adjacent to OMV's Neptun block in Romanian waters is estimated to cost US$376 mm.

Apr 2014: Park Place Energy has signed a License Agreement for the Vranino Block 1-11  in onshore northeast Bulgaria. The permit is for 5 years. The work program will include 2D and 3D seismic and 5 new wells into coal beds as a potential natural gas development.

Jan 2014: The partners in the 1-21 Khan Asparuh offshore block, comprising OMV (operator, 30%), Total (operator for drilling, 40%) and Repsol (30%), completed a 3D seismic survey in the western Black Sea, eastern part of Bulgaria’s waters over an area of 14,220 sq kms. Drilling locations for 2 wells, planned during 2015 and 2016, will be selected in water depths of up to 2,200m.


Sep 2013: Petroceltic announced the successful tie-back of a new production well on the offshore Kaliakra gas field completed with a subsea wellhead and connected to the existing Kaliakra pipeline for export via the Galata platform. The combined rate with Kavarna is expected to stabilise at around 0.31 bcm per year.  Petroceltic holds 100% in the fields and infrastructure.

Jul 2013: Bulgaria has cancelled the procedure for awarding a contract in the country’s second biggest block in the Black Sea economic zone. Seven companies bought application papers but none of them submitted an offer. The Teres block has an area of 4,032 sq kms next to the biggest block, Khan Asparuh, licensed in 2012 by Total, OMV and Repsol.


Nov 2012: TransAtlantic Petroleum has been awarded a 35-year concession to start natural gas production from the Koynare field in northwestern Bulgaria which has estimated gas deposits of around 10 bcm. Gas production will begin in the middle of 2013 at a rate that will supply about 10% of Bulgaria's gas demand, which averages a 3 bcm per year. The country is almost completely dependent on Russia's Gazprom for gas supplies and is trying to boost local gas production and diversify gas suppliers.

Aug 2012:  Total, along with OMV and Repsol, has been awarded an exploration contract over the offshore Khan Asparuh license. The block is located approximately 80 kms offshore in the Black Sea in water depths of between 100m and 2,000m. The block contains a number of oil and gas prospects and is only 15 kms from ExxonMobil’s and OMV's Neptun block in neighbouring Romania which has seen a significant gas discovery.

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