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No significant news in 2023.


No significant news in 2022.


No significant news in 2021.


Aug 2020: Chile has received its first cargo of LNG from Australia. The 173,400 cbm Sevilla Knutsen loaded the gas at the Queensland Curtis LNG terminal in Gladstone delivering to the Quintero LNG.

Feb 2020: GeoPark (operator, 100%) announced the discovery of the Jauke Oeste gas/condensate field in the Fell block. Jauke Oeste is 1 km north of the Jauke gas field, part of the Dicky geological structure. GeoPark will now spud the Leun 1 exploration well in the Flamenco block followed by the Huillin 1 exploration well in Isla Norte and the Koo 1 exploration well in Campanario.


No significant news in 2019.


Aug 2018: GeoPark (100%) announced testing of the Jauke-1 exploration well in the Fell block at an average gas production rate of 0.164 mm cm per day. Surface facilities are in place and the gas is being sold to Methanex through a long term contract. Jauke is part of the Dicky geological structure.

Jan 2018: GeoPark (100%) announced the discovery of gas in the Salto Formation of the Uaken-1 exploration well in the Fell block. Surface facilities are in place and the well is already in production, with gas sold by pipeline to the Methanex methanol plant 100 kms away


May 2017: ENAP will carry out its first horizontal drilling for tight gas with ConocoPhillips, its partner in the Magallanes basin, Coiron block. ENAP is seeking to ramp up gas production from Magallanes for local use and to supply Methanex, which uses the gas as feedstock for making methanol.


Jun 2016: ENAP has signed a deal with ConocoPhillips to explore for gas in the southern Magallanes region. The project will be phased depending on success with ConocoPhillips possibly investing up to US$100 mm over the next 4 years.


No significant news in 2015.


Aug 2014: ENAP is planning to drill 55 non conventional new wells in Tierra del Fuego in the Arenal Block from now to the end of 2015 to increase production from 0.45 mmcm per day to 1 mmcm per day of tight gas.

Jul 2014: GeoPark has announced the discovery of the Primavera Sur field, the first discovery of an oil field in the newly-acquired Campanario Block in Tierra del Fuego. GeoPark operates and has 50%  with ENAP. Surface facilities and infrastructure have already been put into place in order to produce the oil. Over 30 prospects and leads have been identified on Geopark’s Isla Norte, Campanario and Flamenco Blocks.

Jun 2014: GeoPark (100%), which began operating the Fell Block in 2006 where production has grown to over 7,400 bblsoe per day, has drilled the Ache 1 well. A test in the Tobifera formation flowed gas and condensate. It is carrying out a US$150 mm investment program in 2014 with up to 20 wells on the Fell Block and 23 wells on the Flamenco, Campanario and Isla Norte Blocks in Tierra del Fuego.

Jan 2014: ENAP has approval to fracture 9 wells in the Arenal Block of the Magallanes Basin in Tierra del Fuego. It achieved production from 4 wells in October 2013 delivering tight gas from the Zona Glauconita reservoir. The gas will be used to meet residential demand.


Jun 2013: GeoPark has announced the Chercan discovery of an oil and gas field on the Flamenco Block. GeoPark operates and has a 50% interest in the Flamenco Block in partnership with ENAP. The Chercan 1 well is the first drilled by GeoPark in Tierra del Fuego. An additional 21 exploratory wells are due on the Flamenco, Campanario and Isla Norte Blocks in the island.

Mar 2013: GeoPark announced the drilling and putting into production of Yagan Norte 5 well and the deepened Sauce 1 well in the Tobifera formation on the Fell Block. GeoPark has a 100% interest in the Fell Block. Surface facilities and flowlines are already in place and the produced oil and gas are being sold. GeoPark has interests in 6 blocks in southern Chile.

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