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No significant news in 2021.


Dec 2020: Shell completed a 50% acquisition of 3 (Fuerte Sur, Purple Angel, and COL-5) deepwater blocks from Ecopetrol. The location is a new gas province containing the Kronos, Purple Angel, and Gorgon wells. An appraisal well will be drilled in 2021.

Nov 2020: The hydrocarbons agency (ANH) said that contracts will be signed with 2 Canadian  companies (CNE, a subsidiary of Canacol Energy, and Parex Resources) for 4 onshore blocks after no counteroffers were made.

Sep 2020: Ecopetrol launched the Ronda Campos Ecopetrol 2020 offering 9 development and production assets through an electronic auction. It includes 3 in the Middle Magdalena basin (Tenerife, San Luis and Lebrija), 3 in the Upper Magdalena basin (Toy, Totare and Andalucía) and 3 in the Llanos basin (Upía, La Punta and Rancho Hermoso) scheduled for 4Q 2020.

Feb 2020: Shell signed an agreement with Ecopetrol to acquire a 50% operated stake in the deepwater Fuerte Sur, Purple Angel, and COL-5 blocks in the Caribbean and will drill an appraisal at the end of 2021. Ecopetrol and Anadarko made gas discoveries at Kronos in 2015 and Purple Angel and Gorgon in 2017.


Sep 2019: GeoPark (operator, 45%) announced the discovery of the Guaco light oil field along the 3rd and most western major fault trend in Llanos Block 34. Surface facilities are in place and the well is already in production.

Sep 2019: ANH reported that 59 blocks will be on offer in the next round of oil bidding concentrated near the northern Caribbean coast and the eastern plains. Five of the blocks are offshore and 27 are areas requested by pre-qualified companies.

Jun 2019: Arrow Exploration tested oil in the Rio Cravo Este-1 (RCE) exploration well on the Tapir Block in the Llanos Basin within the Gacheta and Ubaque Formations. Up to 2 development wells and a water disposal well are currently being evaluated.

Jun 2019: Seven companies have now bid for 11 contracts. Frontera, Geopark, Ecopetrol, Hocol, Parex, Gran Tierra and ONGC have put in a total of 19 offers. Ten blocks are onshore and 1 is offshore.

May 2019: Twenty two companies, including CNE, Frontera, Ecopetrol, Parex, Occidental, Gran Tierra, GeoPark, Hunt, and Noble, qualified to bid for new exploration contracts for 20 blocks. They can present bids from June 4 with results expected on July 16.

Mar 2019: Two exploration and production contracts were signed with Shell in the Caribbean Sea. Shell will explore Blocks COL 3 and GUA OFF 3 with initial investment of US$100mm.

Jan 2019: ONGC Videsh (operator, 70%) and Petrodorado (30%) have discovered heavy oil in onshore block CPO-5 in the Llanos Basin with Indico-1. ONGC had earlier discovered oil in the same sands in nearby Mariposa-1 in 2017 which has produced at 3,200 bbls of oil per day. There are plans to drill more wells to evaluate this Cretaceous clastic play.


Dec 2018: The Sinu-San Jacinto round of bidding on 15 blocks in the north has been cancelled. It plans to relaunch bidding in February 2019. Colombia last held auctions in 2012 and 2014 when it awarded 76 blocks.

Oct 2018: Frontera (operator, 100%) announced a light oil discovery in its Acorazado-1 exploration well on the Llanos-25 block adding to its discoveries at Alligator and Coralillo on the Guatiquia block, and Jaspe in the Quifa area. During 4Q 2018 it expects to drill 34 exploration, appraisal and development wells.

Jul 2018: Bufalo-1, operated by Ecopetrol (51%) with partner CPVEN (49%), in the Valle Medio del Magdalena confirmed the presence of dry gas and light oil in the Grupo Honda. The well is the first discovery in the VMM32 Exploration Contract. It is located very close to transport infrastructure.

Apr 2018: GeoPark (operator, 45%) announced the successful testing of heavy oil in the Guadalupe formation from the Tigana Norte-9 appraisal well in the Llanos 34 block. The well extends the Tigana oil field towards the northeastern limits of the Llanos 34 block.

Mar 201: Colombia plans to award up to 15 oil blocks in April and will begin routinely offering onshore and offshore areas for exploration and production. The awards will be in the Sinu-San Jacinto basin, in the northwest.


Dec 2017: Ecopetrol and Parex Resources confirmed light oil at the Coyote-1 well in the De Mares Block near Ecopetrol’s La Cira-Infantas, Lisama and Colorado fields. The company’s 3 other discoveries in 2017 were the nearby Boranda-1 well and offshore Purple Angel-1 and Gorgon-1.

Sep 2017: GeoPark (operator, 45%) announced the discovery of the Curucucu oil field, drilled from an existing well pad in the Jacamar field, in Block Llanos 34. A production test with an ESP in the Guadalupe formation gave a production rate of 1,700 bbls of 15.8 API oil per day. It is the 11th oil field discovered by GeoPark in Llanos 34 since 2012.

May 2017: Anadarko (operator, 50%) and Ecopetrol (50%) report that the Gorgon-1 well in the Purple Angel Block has discovered gas in 2,316m of water in the Caribbean adding to 2 other gas discoveries, Kronos-1 and Purple Angel-1, in adjacent blocks.

Apr 2017: Interoil Exploration and Production announced that the Turaco-1 well in the Altair licence has tested oil in the upper section of the C7 formation. SLS, the farm-in partner for the drilling campaign, is rigging down in Altair to mobilize to LLA-47 to drill the Vikingo well.

Mar 2017: Ecopetrol (50%) and Anadarko (operator, 50%) report that the deep water Purple Angel-1 well proved gas 4.7 kms from the Kronos-1 discovery well, made in July 2015 on the Fuerte Norte and Fuerte Sur blocks. It is estimated that the Kronos field has a gas column of at least 520m.

Feb 2017: GeoPark (operator, 45%) announced discovery of the Chiricoca oil field in Llanos Block 34 and expansion of the Tigana oil field following drilling of the Tigana Sur 6 development well. Surface facilities for both wells are in place and the fields are in production.

Feb 2017: Anadarko has spudded the Purple Angel-1 well to test objectives similar to those in the deep water Kronos discovery. The rig will then  drill the Gorgon prospect also on the Purple Angel block. Anadarko operates blocks COL1, COL2, COL6, and COL7 covered by the 30,000 sq km Esmeralda 3D seismic survey.


Oct 2016: GeoPark (operator, 34%) announced the successful drilling and testing of the Tigana 4 development well in Llanos 34 Block, drilled at a cost of US$3.3 mm in 10 days. The Tigana Field is along the same trend as the Jacana Field where the Jacana-6 appraisal well is currently drilling.

Aug 2016: Canacol reports that the Nispero-1 exploration well, on the Esperanza Exploration and Exploitation Contract, encountered 17m of gas pay. It is completing the well for permanent production tied to the Jobo production facility and is doubling its gas drilling program for the remainder of 2016.

Jun 2016: GeoPark  (operator, 45%) announced the start-up of its drilling program in the Llanos 34 Block with the spudding of the Jacana 3 appraisal well. GeoPark plans to drill 4 appraisal and 2 exploration wells during 2016.

May 2016: Anadarko has started Phase II of the offshore Esmeralda 3D seismic survey over blocks COL 1, COL 2, COL 6, and COL 7. The company plans to acquire a further 13,000 sq kms of data to complement Phase I, completed last year, acquired 16,300 sq kms. An exploration well is planned to be drilled on the Purple Angel block in 2016.


Sep 2015: GeoPark (operator, 45%) announced a heavy oil field discovery at Jacana-1 on the Llanos 34 Block SW of the Tigana oil field. GeoPark restarted its drilling campaign in June 2015.  

Jul 2015: Anadarko (operator, 50%) and Ecopetrol (50%) announced a gas discovery at the Kronos-1 well in Fuerte Sur Block at a water depth of 1584m. The drillship will next drill Calasu-1, 145kms to the NE in Fuerte Norte Block.

Feb 2015: GeoPark (operator, 45%) announced a new heavy oil field discovery in Tilo-1 on the Llanos 34 Block. Further technical evaluation will be undertaken to determine if the Tilo field is a NE extension of the larger Tigana field.

Feb 2015: Pacific Rubiales will postpone the Caribbean FLNG project. It is evaluating alternatives, including relocation of the barge to a different site. The project will be operated off the coast to convert 0.75 bcm of gas each year into LNG for storage and export.

Jan 2015: Canacol Energy announced that the Clarinete-1 well in the VIM 5 E & P Contract has tested dry gas. Canacol, through its subsidiary CNE Oil & Gas, holds 100%. The objective was the Cienaga de Oro (CDO) sandstone, the producing reservoir at the Nelson and Palmer fields in the adjacent Esperanza contract where Canacol also has 100%.

Jan 2015: Pacific Stratus (operator, 50%) and Petroamerica (50%) announced that 760 bbls of oil per day has been produced from the Langur-1X well on the LLA19 Block in the Llanos Basin. The well has been equipped with an electric submersible pump and is expected to produce at rates in excess of 1,000 bbls per day during an extended production test.


Dec 2014: Petrobras announced that the Orca–1 exploration well in the Tayrona Block has discovered gas in 674m of water, 40 kms off the coast of La Guajira. Petrobras is operator (40%) with Ecopetrol (30%) and Repsol (30%). A drilling campaign is planned for the basin in several blocks including two wells in 2015 and additional wells in 2016 .

Nov 2014: Talisman (45%) and Ecopetrol (operator, 55%) have discovered heavy oil in the Nueva Esperanza-1 well in Block CPO-9, Department of Meta. Nueva Esperanza is the second oil discovery in Block CPO-9 following Akacias in 2010. Additional wells along a continuation of this trend are planned.

Aug 2014: Canacol has announced the first well, Palmer 1, of its 3-well gas exploration program has tested dry gas. It will be tied into the Jobo facility which takes gas from the Nelson field. Canacol holds 100% in the Esperanza block through Geoproduction which it acquired in 2012. Canacol plans to spud a second well, Corozo 1, in October.

Jul 2014: Repsol (operator, 33.34%), Statoil (33.33%) and ExxonMobil (33.33%) have been awarded the COL4 deep water licence in the Caribbean Sea in the 2014 Colombia Licensing Round. Initial working commitments include 2D and 3D seismic acquisition.

Jul 2014: GeoPark (operator, 45%) discovered oil in the Tigana Norte well on the Llanos 34 Block, producing 1,061 bbls per day of 14.6 API oil. Analysis of Tigana, Sur and Norte indicate that they form part of one field productive from the Guadalupe and  Mirador formations, currently producing 8,500 bpd from 5 wells. Some 20,000 bpd is produced from the block. GeoPark is carrying out a 10 well drilling program.

May 2014: Canacol Energy has made a third consecutive light oil discovery at the Pantro exploration well on the LLA23 Contract in the Llanos Basin after the Labrador and Leono discoveries. Canacol (operator, 80%), with Petromont (20%), plans to drill 2 more exploration wells along this trend by the end of August and has started a development drilling program, including up to 6 wells.

Apr 2014: GeoPark (operator, 45%) has announced the Aruco heavy oil discovery in the Llanos 34 Block in the central Llanos basin.  Aruco is the sixth new oil field discovery by GeoPark on the Llanos 34 Block since acquiring the block in 2012. Production is now over 15,000 bbls per day.


Dec 2013: Ecopetrol (operator, 55%) and Talisman (45%) are completing a 9 well appraisal program of the Akacías field in Block CPO-9, Llanos Basin. Current production of heavy oil from 3 wells on long-term test is 5,300 bbls per day, transported to market via the San Fernando and Ocensa pipeline systems. A resource of 130 mm bbls of oil is estimated.

Dec 2013: Canacol has announced results of the Leono 1 exploration well on the LLA23 contract in the Llanos Basin. The well encountered 40m of net oil pay in 4 reservoirs. Production tests are planned on the Barco and Gacheta reservoirs along with 4 appraisal wells. Canacol also made the Labrador discovery on LLA23 in 2012. It is operator (80%) with Petromont (20%).   

Jun 2013: GeoPark has announced the successful drilling and testing of the Tarotaro 1 exploration well  on the Llanos 34 Block. A test resulted in production of 2,239 bbls per day of 15.5 degrees API oil. Oil from Tarotaro 1 is now being marketed and sold and a new development well, Tarotaro 2, has also been spudded to further appraise the field.

Jun 2013: GeoPark has announced the successful drilling, testing and putting into production of the Potrillo well in the Yamu Block in the central Llanos basin. Since acquiring its position in Colombia in 2012 GeoPark has made 3 operated oil field discoveries and more than doubled net oil production.

Apr 2013: Amerisur Resources, will increase production capacity from the Platanillo field into the Rio Loro oil export facility to a minimum of 3,500 bbls of oil per day. Total field production capacity in the absence of export constraints has reached 7,800 bbls of oil per day.

Apr 2013: Petroamerica has drilled the Las Maracas-8 well targeting the northern extension of the Las Maracas field in the Los Ocarros Block. The field is currently producing around 8,500 bbls of oil per day. The company also carried out a testing program on its La Casona-1 well in the El Eden Block and production is expected to commence during the third quarter of 2013.

Apr 2013: Ecopetrol has discovered oil at Venus-2 within Meta province in the CPO-11 block in the Llanos Basin. Ecopetrol holds a 100% interest. Tests using an electro-submersible pump yielded 630 bbls per day of 17 degree API oil.

Feb 2013: Pacific Rubiales has discovered gas and condensate in the Manamo-1X well drilled in the Guama Block in the Lower Magdalena basin. The Company has 100% interest in the block and a large acreage position in the basin. Earlier discoveries in the block include Pedernalito drilled in 2010 and Cotorra drilled in early 2012.


Oct 2012: In Colombia’s 1st bidding round, which offered rights to 115 blocks by ANH, received 105 offers on 49 blocks from 37 companies. The auction secured US$2.6 bn investment in exploration over 4 years. Ecopetrol won 11 blocks, with Anadarko, ExxonMobil and CNOOC winning 3 and ONGC winning 2. Colombia  hopes to expand exploration if peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) prove successful. The industry has long been a target of insurgency.

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