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May 2017: Questerre Energy Corp reported on a test of mechanical rock properties for its oil shale which has shown that it meets commercial criteria. The main objectives were to identify whether the shale could be directly heated without any deterioration in quality.


Mar 2016: IPG will spend US$100 mm over the next 4 years after being granted concession rights in the Al Risha gas field and Al Safawai area near the border with Iraq. IPG will initially work on increasing output from Al Risha. In 2014 BP ended its operations at Al Risha and in 2015 Jordan opened an LNG import terminal.


Jul 2015: The FSRU Golar Eskimo, which is being used as Jordan’s first LNG import terminal in the port of Aqaba, has received its first cargo from Trinidad’s Point Fortin LNG facility. The Golar Eskimo is connected to the gas transmission pipeline that delivers the fuel to power plants.

May 2015: Questerre Energy will help develop oil shale and invest US$1.4 bn in the project. Initially the company will conduct studies in two areas in the south.  Jordan may have substantial reserves of oil shale.

Jan 2015: Jordan suspended talks to import gas from Noble Energy in Israel and will now try to buy gas from the BG fields offshore the Gaza Strip after the Israeli authorities began moves to prevent Noble establishing a regional monopoly. The country has had repeated disruptions to its imports from Egypt.


Mar 2014: BP has advised the National Petroleum Company (NPC) that it plans to relinquish the Risha gas field and Risha block after disappointing exploration results. BP and NPC signed a deal in 2009 to conduct exploration to assess the future potential of the area.


Mar 2013: Enegi Oil, has agreed a co-production agreement with Korea Global Energy Corporation (KGEC) for oil exploration in the Dead Sea and Wadi Araba areas. KGEC will implement its contractual obligations for the 4 year exploration phase, during which it will conduct geological studies of the area, run a seismic survey and drill 3 wells.


Sep 2012: The government has signed with Global Oil Shale Holdings (GOSH) an agreement to explore for oil and gas in oil shale in the central region of Attarat-Um El-Ghudran in southern Jordan where most oil shale reserves may be located. The hope is eventual production of 50,000 bbls per day. In 2011 Jordan signed a deal with Karak International to explore in the Al Lajjun area 110 kms south of Amman, in 2010 with Esti Energia As to explore in another part of Attarat and in 2009 another agreement with Shell.

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