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Mar 2017: Proposals to acquire a multi-client 2D offshore seismic survey are requested after the government launched its National Hydrocarbon Database (BNDH) containing 19,000 kms of seismic data acquired in the last 50 years. Terms are available from the Ministry of Energy and Mines.


Nov 2016: The Ministry of Energy and Mines reported that 6 areas are recognised as potential sites for oil and gas exploration after completion of a 2D seismic survey and analysis. The areas are the Enriquillo, Azua, San Juan, Ocoa (offshore), San Pedro (offshore) and East Cibao basins. Schlumberger was contracted to create a National Hydrocarbon Database (BNDH) in 2015.


No significant news in 2015.


Jul 2014: Maleno Oil Company is exploring  the Boca Cachon anticline. The company operates 2 concessions - Murfin and Maleno - overlying the Azua and the Enriquillo basins respectively. The Boca Cachon anticline is in the western Enriquillo basin where gas seeps were identified in 1942. The basin's extension into Haiti is known as the Cul de Sac basin.

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