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Low-Cost Spreadsheets

Buy Excel files - histories and forecasts of production and wells split into any category for all countries and regions


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Globalshift describes the world’s oil and gas - its location, its geology, its history, and its future. And Globalshift is a low-cost store of forecast and historical production, well numbers and other information.

With oil and gas providing up to 60% of the global energy mix, we still desperately need fossil fuels for transport and electricity. The oil and gas industry, which delivers these fuels, must invest in the most appropriate equipment, in the right places, to meet the volatile demand that will precede our ongoing Energy Shift.

To make the best investment choices, the industry needs realistic and comprehensive forecasts of oil and gas from an independent source. Using a wide range of on- and off-line data, and consistent methodology, Globalshift’s forecasts are based on current geological, engineering, investment and other (environmental, political, economic and social) criteria - unbiased by political or business interests.


- Production profiles derived from bottom-up analysis of fields and basins

- Results validated by application of geological and engineering principles

- Drilled and active well numbers modelled from plans and production forecasts

- Expertly collated and easy-to-use spreadsheets save time and money

- Data kept up-to-date for presentations, asset evaluations and strategic studies

- For use by oil and service companies, energy-using industries, and governments

Oils Reserves Wells Gases

North America

Latin America



Middle East


Global Regions


Oil Production and Consumption

- Conventional Field oil

- Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)

- Oil Sands and Heavy oils

- Shale/Tight Oils (STOs)

- BTLs, GTLs and CTLs

- Cumulative and Remaining Reserves

Onshore and Offshore

- up to 5 water depth intervals:

- 0-100 metres/100-500 metres

- 500-1000 metres

- 1000-2000 metres

- >2000 metres

Gas Production and Consumption

- Conventional sales gas

- Shale/Tight Gases (STGs)

- CBMs and CMMs

- Pipeline Gases

- Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

- Cumulative and Remaining Reserves

Drilled and Active Well numbers

- Exploration wells

- Appraisal wells

- Development wells

- Producing (Active) Wells

- Surface- and Subsea-completed wells

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