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Oct 2018: Rwanda is considering partnering with oil and gas companies for the next stage of exploring Lake Kivu after conducting the first round of shallow drilling for geochemistry tests in the methane-gas-producing lake. It is already extracting methane from the lake used for producing electricity at the KivuWatt power plant.


Feb 2017: Ngali Mining can pursue petroleum exploration in Lake Kivu. Exploration stalled 2 years ago after agreements were terminated with Vanoil, a Canadian company that spent US$3mm on exploration in Lake Kivu. The country was expected to resume operations in November 2016 when BGP won a tender, but the Chinese firm has now left.


No significant news in 2016.


No significant news in 2015.


Jan 2014: Vanoil Energy has announced that the Government of Rwanda and Vanoil have agreed to end their discussions on the exploration of Lake Kivu following expiry of the Technical Evaluation Agreement (TEA) in June 2013. The parties have amicably resolved the issues referred to in the Conciliation Committee.


Sep 2013: Vanoil has announced its intention to initiate conciliation discussions with the government. The Company has been engaged 6 years in an evaluation program in the northwestern Rwanda East Kivu Graben pursuant to a Technical Evaluation Agreement. Under the TEA Vanoil secured a Right of First Option but this right was terminated in June.

Jan 2013: Vanoil Energy has executed an extension to its Technical Evaluation Agreement (TEA) with the Rwandan Ministry of Natural Resources. The agreement provides Vanoil with the exclusive right to negotiate a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) covering approximately 1,631 sq kms of the East Kivu Graben, located beneath Lake Kivu.

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