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Nov 2017: Ascent commenced export production from wells Pg-10 and Pg-11A in the Petisovci gas field to the INA processing facility at Molve in Croatia. The focus for the next year is re-entry and re-completion of suitable existing wells.

Mar 2017: Ascent Resources announced that gas production from Pg-10 will commence in April (Globalshift notes: will probably be delayed). The flowline from Pg-10 has been completed with the gas from Pg-10 first dehydrated at the Petišovci field.

Jan 2017: Ascent Resources reports that the flow test at Pg-10 in the Petišovci Project has been successfully completed with maximum gas flow rates above the minimum commitments required under the gas sales agreement with INA.


Dec 2015: Ascent Resources (operator) is in discussions with industry partners to initially generate income from the sale of gas from the Petišovci field by Q3 2016 without the need to construct a new gas treatment works (which is subject to environmental permitting). The field lies in the northeast of the country between Hungary and Croatia.  

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