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AAPG  American Association of Petroleum Geologists

ADCO  Abu Dhabi Company (onshore)

ADNOC  Abu Dhabi National Company (offshore)

AIOC  Azerbaijan International Operating Company

API  American Petroleum Institute

ASEAN  Association of South East Asian Nations

BG  British Gas

CABGOC  Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

CGES  Centre for Global Energy Studies

CNPC  Chinese National Petroleum Company

CNOOC  Chinese National Offshore Oil Company

CPC  Chinese Petroleum Corporation (Taiwan)

CUCBM  China United Coal Bed Methane Company

DMR  Department of Mineral Resources (Thailand)

DONG  Dansk Olie og Naturgas (Denmark)

ECCP  European Climate Change Program

ECOPETROL Empresa Colombiana de Petroleos (Colombia)

EF  Energyfiles Ltd

EGPC  Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation

EIA  Energy Information Administration

EU  European Union

FERC  Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (US)

GDF  Gaz de France

GNPOC  Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (Sudan)

GS Globalshift Ltd

IEA  International Energy Agency

IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

IPE  International Petroleum Exchange (UK)

JNOC  Japan National Oil Corporation

KPC  Kuwait Petroleum Company

KPO  Karachaganak Petroleum Operating Consortium (Kazakhstan)

MMS  Minerals Management Service (US, closed)

MOGE  Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise

NAMR  National Agency for Mineral Resources (Romania)

NASA  National Aeronautical and Space Agency (US)

NEB  National Energy Board (Canada)

NIOC  National Iranian Oil Company

NNPC  Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

NOC  National Oil Corporation (Libya)

NPD  Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

NPTO  National Petroleum Technology Office

NTSA North Sea Transition Authority (UK)

NYMEX  New York Mercantile Exchange

ODAC  Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

OECD  Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development

OGDC  Oil and Gas Development Corporation (Pakistan)

OGJ  Oil and Gas Journal

ONHYM  Office National des Hydrocarbures et Mines (Morocco)

ONGC  Oil and Natural Commission (India)

OPEC  Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

OPEC+ inc. Russia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brunei, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico. Oman, South Sudan, Sudan (North)

PDO  Petroleum Development Oman

PDVSA  Petróleos de Venezuela, South America

PEDCO  Petroleum Exploration & Devt Company (S. Korea)

PEMEX  Petroleos Mexicanos

PEP  Pemex Exploration & Production (Mexico)

PESGB  Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain

PETROBRAS Petroleos Brasileiro SA (Brazil)

PNOC  Philippines National Oil Company

PRC  Petroleum Resource Company (Egypt)

PTT  Petroleum Authority of Thailand

PNGV  Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (US)

SEC  Securities and Exchange Commission (US)

SONANGOL Sociedade Nacional de Combustiveis de Angola

SPE  Society of Petroleum Engineers

SPC  Syrian Petroleum Company

TPDC  Tanzanian Petroleum Development Corporation

USGS  United States Geological Survey

WPC  World Petroleum Congress

WEC  World Energy Council

WTO  World Trade Organisation

YPF  Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales (Argentina)


ACG  Azeri, Chirag, Gunashli (Azerbaijan)

AFO  Available frontier offer (New Zealand)

ANWR  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

CAA  Commercial arrangement area (Malaysia-Vietnam)

DSDP  Deep Sea Drilling Project

FSU  Former Soviet Union

GOM  Gulf of Mexico

JPDA  Joint Petroleum Development Area (East Timor/Australia)

MGS  Master Gas System (Saudi Arabia)

MTJA  Malaysia-Thailand joint authority

NPRA  National Petroleum Reserve Alaska

OCA  Overlapping Claim Area (Thailand-Cambodia)

ODP  Ocean Drilling Program

PNG  Papua New Guinea

SPR  Strategic Petroleum Reserve (US)

TAPS  Trans-Alaska pipeline system

UAE  United Arab Emirates

WCSB  Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

WDDM  West Delta Deep Marine (Egypt)

WGLP  Western Libya Gas Project

WEP  West-East Pipeline (China)

ZOC  Timor Gap Zone of Co-operation

Technical and Economic

ABS  Artificial buoyant seabed

AFC  Alkaline fuel cell

AFE  Authority for Expenditure

ASA  Auxiliary Settling Area (used to refine bitumen)

BBL(s)  Barrel(s) (of oil)

BCF  Billion Cubic Feet (of natural gas)

BCM  Billion Cubic Metres (of natural gas)

BHA  Bottom hole assembly

BKB  Below kelly bushing

Bn  Billion

BOP  Blow-out preventer

BRT  Below rotary table

BSR  Bottom simulating reflector (gas hydrates)

BTLs  Biofuels-to-liquids

CAPEX  Capital expenditure

CBM  Coal bed methane

CCHP  Combined cooling, heat and power

CHP  Combined heat and power (cogeneration)

CMM  Coal mine methane

CNG  Compressed natural gas

CPF Central Processing Facility

CSG  Coal seam gas

CTD  Coiled-tubing Drilling

CTLs  Coal-to-liquids

CWD  Casing while Drilling

DDCV  Deep draft caisson vessel

DGD  Dual gradient Drilling

DEG  Diethylene glycol

DEVT.  Development (wells)

DMFC  Direct methanol fuel cell

DST  Drill stem test

DTU  Dry Tree Unit

E and P  Exploration and production

ECD  Equivalent circulating density (muds)

EOR  Enhanced oil recovery (from oil fields)

EPCI Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation

ERD  Extended reach drilling

ESP Electric Submersible Pump

EXP.  Exploratory (exploration and appraisal wells)

FDPSO  Floating drilling, production, storage and offloading

FID Final Investment Decision

FLNG  Floating liquefied natural gas

FPI  Free point indicator

FPSO  Floating production, storage and offloading

FPU  Floating production unit

FSO  Floating storage and offloading

FSRU  Floating storage and regasification unit

FT-GTL  Fischer-Tropsch gas-to-liquid

FVF  Formation volume factor

GFPSO  Gas only floating production storage and offloading

GHG  Greenhouse gas

GIT  Gas-in-transport

GOR  Gas oil ratio

GPS  Global Positioning System

GR  Gamma Ray (log)

GTG  Gas-to-gasoline

GTLs  Gas-to-liquids

HDR  Hot dry rock (geothermal technique)

HP/HT  High pressure/High temperature

HSZ  Hydrate stability zone (existence of gas hydrates)

IOR  Improved oil recovery (from oil fields)

IR  Infrared (heating units)

KB  Kelly bushing

Km  kilometre

LNG  Liquefied natural gas (manufactured from gas)

LOI Letter of Intent

LOT  Leak-off test

LTO Light-Tight Oil (tight reservoir)

LPG  Liquefied petroleum gas

LTX  Low temperature separator

LWD  Logging while Drilling

MBBL(s)  Thousand barrel(s) (of oil)

MCf  Thousand cubic feet (of natural gas)

MD  Measured depth (wells)

Md  Millidarcy

m Metres

M Thousand

MM or mm Million

MMBBL(s) Million barrel(s) (of oil)

MCm  Thousand cubic metres (of natural gas)

MMCF  MM cubic feet (of natural gas)

MMCM  MM cubic metres (of natural gas)

MOU  Memorandum of Understanding

MSL  Mean sea level

MTBE  Methyl tertiary butyl ether

MW  Megawatt (electricity)

MWD  Measurement while Drilling

NETA  New electricity trading agreement (UK)

NGH  Natural gas hydrates

NGL  Natural gas liquids

NGV  Natural gas vehicle

NOX  Nitrogen oxides (pollutants)

NPV  Net present value

NRU  Naptha Recovery Unit (used to refine bitumen)

NRV  Non-return valve

OBMs  Oil-based muds

OPEX  Operating Expenditure

PAFC  Phosphoric acid fuel cell

PCL  Pipe-conveyed logging

PDC  Polycrystalline diamond compact

PDM  Positive displacement motor

PDO Plan for Development and Operation

PEM  Proton exchange mechanism (fuel cells)

PID  Particle impact Drilling

PSC  Production Sharing Contract

PSA  Production Sharing Agreement

PSV  Primary Separation Vessel (used to refine bitumen)

PV  Photovoltaic (as applied to a type of solar cell)

PWR  Pressurised water reactor

R & D  Research and development

RCD  Reverse circulation drilling

RCLS  Rotary closed loop system

RF  Recovery factor

RFT  Repeat Formation Tester

ROP  Rate of penetration

ROV  Remote operated vehicle

SBM  Single buoy mooring

SBMs  Synthetics-based muds

SD  Subsea Drilling

SEMISUB Semi-submersible rig

SET  Solid expandable tubular

SFR  Scope for additional recovery (Shell)

SOX  Sulphur dioxide (pollutant)

STGs Shale/Tight Gases

STOs Shale/Tight Oils

SWF  Shallow water flow

TAD  Tender assisted drilling

TAML  Technology Advancement for Multilaterals

TCF  Trillion cubic feet (of natural gas)

TCI  Tri-cone insert (bit)

TCM  Trillion cubic metres (of natural gas)

TBL  Through-the-bit-logging

TD  Total depth (of well)

TEE  Total energy efficiency

TEG  Triethylene glycol

TG Tight gas

TLP  Tension leg platform

TOR  Tailings oil recovery (used to refine bitumen)

TSA  Technical service agreement

TVDss  True vertical depth subsea

UBD  Under-balanced drilling

VAM  Ventilation air methane (from coal mines)

WBMs  Water-based muds

WOB  Weight on bit

YTD  Yet-to-develop (potential reserves in discovered fields)

YTF  Yet-to-find (potential undiscovered reserves)

2D  2D Seismic (gives cross-sectional image

3D  3D Seismic (gives volumetric image)

4D  4D Seismic (gives volumetric image over time)

Key Units

All abbreviations and measurement units are used as standards and applied to geographic, technical, and economic terms as well as to organisations. In particular we use:

bbls - for barrels

cm - for cubic metres

000s - for thousands

mm - for millions

bn - for billions

tn - for trillions

NGLs - for Natural Gas Liquids

LNG - for Liquefied Natural Gas

GTLs - for Gas-to-liquids

BTLs - for Biofuels-to-liquids

CTLs - for Coal-to-liquids

CBM - for Coal bed methane




Country Groups