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It is 1994. Benjamin Bone used to work on oil rigs around the world but has lately been running from reality and responsibility.

Now he hopes an interview for a job with an oil company in Houston will get him back on track; a company that will soon drill a multi-million dollar well deep in the desert beneath the towering cliffs of the Yemeni plateau.

But instead of a job he ends up with information that he was never supposed to have; information that draws him into a terrifying world of corporate crime and American politics. His life is forfeit. Someone will do anything to keep him quiet.

With the help of Natalya he plans to flee to Yemen to find out the truth. And in a backdrop of impending civil war, Benjamin is thrown into a world of feudal clans, ambitious politicians, corrupt company officials and people just trying to do their high risk jobs.

Can he find out what this company is really doing in Yemen before it is too late? Blamed and desperate, Benjamin is on course for disaster in a world where the terrible power of oil knows no borders.

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