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No significant news in 2021.


Jan 2020: The country has started promoting all open blocks. On offer are 5 in the interior Cuvette basin and 10 in the Coastal basin, 7 of which are offshore. In 2019 PGS reprocessed seismic data over the offshore Coastal basin to deliver a dataset called Congo MegaSurveyPlus. They now plan to acquire a new regional 3D survey over the shallow-water shelf.


Jan 2019: Anglo African Oil & Gas announced that the TLP-103C well at its Tilapia licence has intersected the targeted Djeno reservoir horizon and that oil was encountered. The Tilapia field is 1.8 kms offshore in the Lower Congo Basin but is drilled from an onshore location. A further well, TLP-104 is now planned as well as the upgrading of topside facilities.


Nov 2018: An oil exploration bidding round has been launched offering 18 blocks. Phase II of the 2018/19 licensing round has 5 blocks available in the onshore Cuvette Basin, 5 in the shallow offshore, 5 in deep waters, and 3 onshore in the coastal basin.

June 2018: Congo-Brazzaville has joined OPEC. Membership was approved during OPEC's 174th meeting in Vienna. The government said in January that it wanted to join OPEC as it moves ahead with new projects with a target of 350,000 barrels per day in 2018.


Mar 2017: Total (operator, 53.5%) started production from the Moho Nord deep offshore project. It has a production capacity of 100,000 bbls of oil equivalent per day through 34 wells tied back to a TLP and to Likouf, a new FPU. The oil is processed on Likouf and exported by pipeline to the Djeno onshore terminal. Partners are Chevron (31.5%) and SNPC (15%).


Nov 2016: A new shallow water licensing round for 2017/2018 will be carried out after the 2016 round, for 8 deep and ultra-deep blocks and five onshore blocks in the Coastal and Cuvette basins, closes at the end of March 2017. The new licensing round will include both pre-salt and post-salt plays.


Dec 2015: Total (operator, 53.5%) brought onstream Moho Phase 1b (capacity 40,000 bbls per day) in water depths up to 1,200 m. It includes 11 new subsea wells and 2  subsea multiphase pumps tied back to the Moho Bilondo FPU. The Moho Nord development will add a further 100,000 bbls per day capacity. Partners are Chevron (31.5%) and SNPC (15%).

Nov 2015: Eni has discovered significant gas and condensate reserves in the Nkala Marine-1 well, in the Marine XII block. It intends to appraise the discovery. Eni is operator with 65%, pertnered with New Age (25%) and SNPC (25%).

Nov 2015: Chevron (operator, 15.75%) commenced production from the Lianzi field in a unitized zone shared with Angola in 900m of water. Oil is tied into the Benguela Belize–Lobito Tomboco platform in Angola’s Block 14. Partners are Cabinda Gulf Oil (15.5%), Total (26.75%), Angola Block 14 (10 %), Eni (10%), Sonangol (10%), SNPC (7.5%) and GALP (4.5%).

Jan 2015: Eni has started production from the Nene Marine field 16 months after discovery. The field lies in Marine XII Block 17 kms from the coast at a water depth of 28m. Development will take place in stages and will include over 30 wells with a plateau of over 140,000 bbls of oil per day. Eni is operator (65%) with New Age (25%) and SNPC (10%).


Oct 2014: Eni has made a light oil discovery in the Minsala Marine well in 75m of water within the Marine XII Block, 12 kms from the  Nene Marine discovery. This is the third discovery in the Marine XII permit pre-salt play following the Litchjendily and Nene Marine wells, which are both already under development. Eni is operator of the block with 65%.

Apr 2014: The state oil company Societe Nationale des Petroles du Congo (SNPC) hopes to pump more oil from onshore fields. It has completed 2 geological surveys in the Mengo-Kundji-Bindi (MKB) permit and is using hydraulic fracturing on the Kundji field and will use the same technique on the Mengo field. SNPC’s partners are Petroci and Orion Oil and Gas.

Mar 2014: The testing of the CNOOC-operated E-1 exploration well (Elephant) in 550m of water in the Haute Mer A licence confirmed the discovery of gas and heavy oil. The well was  targeting a turbiditic Tertiary play similar to fields adjacent to the  area, such as the Total-operated Moho Bilondo and the Chevron-operated Block 14 in Angola.

Feb 2014: Eni has discovered oil and wet gas in the Nene Marine 3 well in the Marine XII Block in a water depth of 28m. Nene Marine 3 is 2 kms from the discovery well Nene Marine 1. Eni estimates the field to contain 1.2 bn bbls of oil and 30 bcm of gas in place. Eni holds 65% along with New Age (25%) and the national oil company, SNPC (10%)


Nov 2013: Congo will award 10 onshore and offshore blocks by early 2014 in a new licensing round, including in the onshore Cuvette Basin where 3 blocks have already been awarded and 7 remain open and shallow water blocks abandoned by major oil companies. Meanwhile Eni is exploring the Ngolo block in the Cuvette Basin and developing the Litchendjili offshore gas field.

Nov 2013: Production from the deep water Azurite field in the Mer Profonde Sud (MPS) block ceased  on 1 November 2013 after poor performance from the field since 2009.  Murphy is operator with 50% along with PA Resources (35%) and SNPC (15%). The Azurite FDPSO contract will terminate in April 2014, at least two years early. The FDPSO is the first FPSO with drilling capability.

Nov 2013: SOCO has entered an agreement with PA Resources to farm-in to a 60% working interest as operator in the Mer Profonde Sud permit excluding the Azurite Field. An exploration well will be drilled in late 2014 targeting reservoirs that produce in Congo and Angola. PA Resources retain 25% and the Congolese state oil company, SNPC, retain 15%.

Sep 2013: Eni and SNPC will jointly explore the Ngolo block, within the Cuvette Basin. The block is located 350 kms northeast of Brazzaville. The Cuvette Basin is a little explored frontier area.

Sep 2013: Oryx has announced that the E-1 well targeting the Elephant (formerly Xiang) prospect in 550m of water in the Haute Mer A licence area has discovered oil and gas and will be tested in early 2014. Oryx Petroleum has a 20% working interest. The well was drilled with the Jasper Explorer drillship 4.5 kms southeast of the Libonolo Marine well drilled in 1997 by Elf.

Jul 2013: Eni has made an oil and gas discovery at the Nene Marine-1 well in Marine XII Block in 24m of water. Two wells have now been drilled with the field estimated to contain 600 mm bbls of oil and 20 bcm of gas in place. Eni is the operator of the block with a 65% stake, along with New Age (25%) and state Company, Societé Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (10%).

Mar 2013: Total (operator, 53.5%), SNPC (15%), and Chevron (31.5%) announced the next development in the Moho Bilondo license. First oil is expected in 2015 from Phase 1 bis and in 2016 from Moho Nord with output reaching 140,000 bbls per day in 2017. Phase 1E came onstream in 2008. Phase 1 bis includes 11 subsea wells. Moho Nord includes 17 subsea wells tied back to a new FPU and 17 on a new TLP. Production will be exported by pipeline to the onshore Djeno terminal.

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