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No significant news in 2021.


Aug 2020: United Oil & Gas has received approval from the Government to take over the Walton Morant Licence on a 100% operated basis (from Tullow). The Initial Exploration Period has been extended for 18 months and a work programme is underway to de-risk the Colibri prospect and follow-on targets. A farm-out process is ongoing.

Jan 2020: Tullow (operator, 80%) and United Oil & Gas (20%) announced that the PSA on the Walton Morant Basin has been amended to extend the initial Exploration Period for a further 6 months to July 2020. A commitment to drill an exploration well in 2021 is required to move into the next phase.


No significant news in 2019.


May 2018: Tullow (operator, 80%) and United Oil & Gas (20%) announced the completion of a 2,250 sq km 3D seismic survey over the offshore Walton-Morant licence, including the Colibri target. The 3D seismic survey, the first in Jamaica, is centred on de-risking Cretaceous and Tertiary clastic and carbonate reservoir targets previously mapped on 2D seismic data.

Feb 2018: CGG and the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) announced the discovery of 2 live oil seeps, the first documented occurrence of live oil from onshore Jamaica.


Oct 2017: Tullow is moving to 3D seismic acquisition. The company has conducted two rounds of 2D seismic surveys over the past 18 months, involving 3,000 kms in blocks off the south coast as part of the work programme outlined in the PSA the company signed in November 2014.

Mar 2017: Tullow Oil analysed an oil sheen near the Pedro Banks and found it to be natural crude oil. A new survey will start in March in this area. It has been described as the first live oil off the coast of Jamaica. In 2014, the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica signed a PSA with Tullow including 11 blocks to the south of the island.


Nov 2016: Jamaica could become a hub for the redistribution of LNG in the region. A US$175 mm LNG-fueled 120 MW power plant has been commissioned in St. James and New Fortress Energy has chartered the 138,500-cbm Golar Arctic to serve as an FSO supplying fuel for the power plant.

Aug 2016: The Golar Arctic has arrived to serve as an LNG FSO supplying a 120 MW power plant at Bogue on Montego Bay. The plant has been converted to run on gas and diesel. After the LNG terminal is complete the commissioning process will begin and gas will eventually also be supplied to the new 190 MW power plant at Old Harbour Bay.

Jan 2016: Tullow will start a 3000 km 2D seismic survey this month over the Walton Morant block, acquired in 2014. It signed a PSA for 10  blocks and one part block in shallow waters to the south. Reportedly there have been oil or gas shows in 10 of the 11  wells drilled in Jamaica.


Nov 2015: Tullow Oil has awarded a 2D seismic acquisition contract to cover the Walton and Morant offshore basins following completion of a bathymetry and drop core survey earlier in 2015.


Nov 2014: The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica has signed a PSC agreement with Tullow Oil (100%) for oil and gas exploration in offshore blocks south of the island. Tullow will analyse 10 of Jamaica's 31 offshore blocks covering about 32,065 sq kms.

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