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May 2021: Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (100%) tested gas and condensate in exploration Jandran X-04 in the Jandran Exploration Licence, District Barkhan, Balochistan Province. The reservoir is the Mughal Kot Formation.

Feb 2021: OGDCL (operator,95%) and Government Holdings (5%) discovered gas/condensate at the Sial-1 exploration well in Hyderabad, Sindh Province.


Nov 2020: OGDCL (100%) discovered gas at exploration well Lakhirud X-1 in District Musa Khel, Balochistan Province within the Lakhirud Exploration Licence. The well tested gas from the Mughal Kot Formation.

Oct 2020: The Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) has launched a new bidding round for the grant of petroleum exploration rights over 20 onshore blocks. The date for bid submissions is January 15 2021.

Aug 2020: The Kohat joint venture of OGDCL (operator, 50%), Mari Petroleum Company (33.33%) and Saif Energy (16.67%) made a gas/condensate discovery in the Lockhart Formation at Togh Bala-1 in district Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

Jul 2020: MOL (operator) has made a discovery in the TAL Block, its 10th. The Mamikhel South-1 well tested gas and condensate from the Lockhart and Hangu formations.


May 2019: Eni (operator, 25%) has failed to find hydrocarbons in the Kekra-1 well in deep waters of the Arabian Sea (Indus Basin) after spending around US$100 mm in its drilling. This may lead to curtailment of drilling in the offshore region.

Apr 2019: Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL, operator, 65%) and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL, 35%) flowed 372 bbls of oil per day from the Khewra formation at the Dharian-l ST-3 well in the Ghauri Block, Punjab. The well was drilled in December 2017 and will put on test production.

Mar 2019: Premier has completed the sale of its Pakistan business to Al-Haj Energy, receiving US$65.6 mm. It comprises non-operated interests in six gas producing fields.

Mar 2019: More than 30 onshore gas blocks will be released in 1 or 2 licensing rounds by end 2019 in the hope that changes to policy will attract foreign investors. ENI and Exxon Mobil are drilling for gas offshore but other companies have not returned due to Islamist militant violence.

Mar 2019: Demand for LNG will triple in the next 5 years according to Pakistan LNG’s chief executive. Pakistan imported nearly 7 tonnes of LNG in 2018. However, the 2 import terminals only have a capacity of up to 10 million tonnes of LNG a year.


May 2018: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has opened 6 blocks dormant for the last 10 years. They are Marwat, Kohat, Goragulto, Wali, Latamber and Paharpur. The province produces around 50% of the country’s oil and 15% of its gas.


Nov 2017: The Sofiya gas/condensate field in the Mehar block has been brought onstream by OMV Maurice Energy (operator) with  Ocean, Government Holdings and Zaver. It will add 0.15 bcm a year and 1,400 bbls of condensate per day for processing at Mehar in Shahdadkot, Sindh Province.

Jun 2017: OGDCL has discovered gas and condensate with exploration well Chabaro-1 in District Khairpur, Sindh Province in the Khewari Block.

Mar 2017: OGDCL (operator, 95%) announced that the Nim Block JV, comprising OGDCL and Government Holdings (5%, carried) has discovered gas and condensate with the Chhutto-1 well in Sindh Province within the 'A' sands of the Lower Goru formation.

Feb 2017: Qatar Petroleum (QP) has joined a consortium of companies to develop an LNG import project. The consortium, including ExxonMobil, Total, Mitsubishi, and Hoegh, will develop a floating storage and regasification unit, jetty and pipeline to provide a natural gas supply.


Nov 2016: Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) commenced production from the Rizq gas field doubling the company’s production. Rizq-1 is the third well drilled by PGNiG which is also producing gas at the Rehman field.

Sep 2016: Jura (27.5%) reports discoveries at the Aminah-1 and Ayesha North-1 exploration wells in the Badin IV South block. Aminah-1 was drilled in early 2016 testing gas and condensate in the Lower Goru A-Sand. Ayesha North-1 was drilled subsequently with similar results. First production from Ayesha, Aminah and Ayesha North is planned for 2017. Badin IV is operated by PEL.

Sep 2016: The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources plans to launch an oil and gas exploration round in 2016 offering 32 blocks through a bidding process.

Jul 2016: Jura (13.5%) and ODCL (operator) announced that Khamiso-1 in the Guddu Block flowed gas from the Eocene Pirkoh Limestone.

Jul 2016: MOL has made two new onshore discoveries in the Tal Block. The Talonj West-1 exploration well flowed gas and the Makori Deep-1 exploration well flowed oil and gas. Partners are OGDCL, PPL, Pakistan Oilfield Limited (POL) and Government Holdings Private Limited (GHPL).

Jun 2016: Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) discovered gas condensate in exploration well Bitrism West 01-A in Sanghar District, Sindh Province. OGDCL is operator with 95%. Government Holdings Limited has the remaining 5%.

Jun 2016: OGDCL discovered gas in exploration well Thal West-01 in Sukhur District, Sindh Province. The well targeted hydrocarbons in Basal sands of the Lower Goru Formation.

Jun 2016: MOL announced as discovery in the TAL Block. This is the 8th discovery in the block. The Makori-Deep-1 exploration well flowed oil and gas from the Lockhart formation. Partners in the consortium are OGDC, PPL, POL and GHPL.

Mar 2016: Mari Petroleum (operator, 60%) and MOL (40%) reported a new hydrocarbon discovery in the Karak Block. The Halini-Deep-1 well is the third in the block following Halini-X-1 in 2011 and Kalabagh-1A in 2015.

Feb 2016: OGDCL and PPL have been tasked with a pilot project to explore for shale gas deposits. This follows a study conducted in cooperation with US Agency for International Development (USAID) of 124 wells.

Jan 2016: OGDCL found gas in the Thal East well on Block 2769-15 in Sukkur District, Sindh Province. Gas flowed from the Basal Sand of the Lower Goru Formation.


Oct 2015: - OMV (operator, 33.4%), with PPL (33.3%) and ENI (33.3%), discovered gas in the Latif South-1 well in the Latif license, Sindh Province, 25 kms south of the Latif gas field. Appraisal work is needed to confirm the size of the discovery.

Sep 2015: Mari Petroleum (operator, 60%) and MOL (40%) made an oil, condensate and gas discovery in the Karak Block at the Kalabagh well. This discovery is the second in the block after the Halini oil well in 2011.

Sep 2015: OGDCL announced that it has discovered gas at the Aradin-I well, in the Khewari Exploratory License in Sindh Province.

Jul 2015: OGDCL announced that it has made an oil discovery at the Chak Naurang South-1 well in Lower Sakessar in District Chakwal, Punjab. The well produced 180 bbls per day of oil.

May 2015: MOL  has discovered gas/condensate in the Mardan Khel-1 well in the TAL Block in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. This is the seventh discovery on the block. MOL will carry out an appraisal plan including other wells on the structure. Partners are OGDC (30%), PPL (30%), POL (25%) and GHPL (5%).

Mar 2015: OGDCL reported an oil discovery at the Palli Deep-1 exploration well in District Tando Allah Yar, Sindh Province. The Lower Goru Sand formation produced 1,095 bbls of oil per day.


Oct 2014: PPL (operator, 65%), Government Holdings (25%) and Asia Resources Oil (10%) announced a gas/condensate discovery in Kinza X-1, district Sanghar, Sindh within the Gambat South Block. This is the 4th discovery in the block after Wafiq, Shahdad and Sharf.

Sep 2014: OGDCL, operator of the Soghri Exploration License (EL), has discovered gas and condensate in its exploratory well Soghri 01, in District Attock, Punjab.

Aug 2014: Pakistan Petroleum (PPL) has a third gas discovery, Sharf X-1, at the Gambat South block in the Sanghar district of Sindh province. During testing the well flowed up to 1.2 mmcm of gas per day of gas with 199 bbls per day of condensate. Discoveries have earlier been reported in the Wafiq X-1 and Shahdad X-1 wells. PPL is operator (65%) along with Government Holdings (25%) and Asia Resources (10%).

Jun 2014: MOL reports that the Ghauri Joint Venture (GJV) has had made an oil discovery in the Ghauri X-1 well in Punjab province. The joint venture comprises operator, Mari Petroleum Company (35%), Pakistan Petroleum Limited (35%) and MOL (30%).

Feb 2014: The Ayesha-1 well is a commercial gas/condensate discovery in the Badin IV South Block. The rig will now be moved to drill Haleema-1 in the same licence. PEL is operator with 47.5%, along with Jura (27.5%) and Kufpec (25%).

Feb 2014: Jura Energy reports that the Maru East well in the Guddu Block has been drilled to a depth of 770m in the Pirkoh Limestone. Preliminary results indicate a 20m hydrocarbon bearing zone. OGDCL is operator along with Jura (10.66%).

Jan 2014: The Ayesha-1 well in the Badin IV South Block has encountered potential gas and condensate bearing zones within the Lower Goru 'A' and 'B' Sands. Petroleum Exploration (PEL) operates in partnership with Jura (27.5%).

Jan 2014: The government has awarded 50 blocks with a minimum investment of US$371 mm. OGDCL and PPL won 39. The remainder went to 4 existing companies; OMV, Mari, Ocean and Oil and Gas Investments and just 2 new ones; Tallahhasse and Al-Haj Enterprises. Twenty one blocks are located in Balochistan, 15 in Punjab, 8 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 6 in Sindh.

Jan 2014: Jura Energy announced first gas production from the Reti-Maru gas fields in the Guddu Block. Once fully brought onstream production is expected to reach 0.124 bcm each year. The gas is being sold to Engro Fertilizers. The Guddu block is located in the district of Ghotki. Jura holds 10.66% in the Guddu block, operated by Oil and Gas Development Company Limited.


Dec 2013: OMV reported that it has boosted gas production in Pakistan after completing development of the Latif gas field. Meanwhile, the Mehar gas condensate field will see phase-one full production come on stream by the end of December. OMV operates Latif with 33.4% along with Eni (33.3%) and PPL (33.3%). It also operates Mehar with 59.2%.

Nov 2013: Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) as operator (95%) and Government Holdings Private Limited (5%) have discovered gas and condensate at Saand Well # 01 in District Tando Allah Yar, Sindh Province. The well was drilled to a depth of 2,651m, targeting the hydrocarbon potential of the Lower Goru Formation.

Aug 2013: OMV discovered gas and condensate in the Sofiya-2 exploration well in the Mehar licence in Sindh Province. A total of 0.186 bcm per year of gas and 1,550 bbls of condensate flowed from the Ranikot formation. Sofiya-2 is located 10 kms north of the Mehar gas and condensate field. OMV is operator with 75% along with Government Holding (5%), Ocean Pakistan (15%) and Zaver Petroleum Company (5%). The Mehar field production start-up is expected in late 2013.

Jul 2013: Pakistan Petroleum (PPL), the operator of Block 2568-18 announced a gas and condensate discovery at the Shahdad X-1 well in District Sanghar, Sindh. Shahdad is the second discovery in the block after the first well Wafiq X-1 also found gas and condensate.. PPL has 65% with Government Holdings (25%) and Asia Resources (10%).

Jun 2013: Pakistan Petroleum has flowed gas and condensate from a deep reservoir at its Adam X-1 well in Block 2568-13, Sanghar district, Sindh province. The well is to be put into production immediately. Pakistan Petroleum is operator with 65% along with Mari Petroleum (35%).

Jun 2013: PGNiG has commenced production of gas from 2 wells in the Rehman field, located in the Kirhtar licence area in southern Pakistan, in the western part of Sindh province. During test production the wells will provide 0.1 bcm gas per year and is scheduled to continue for 22 months. PGNiG owns 70% with Pakistan Petroleum (30%).

Apr 2013: ENI has made a gas discovery in the Sukhpur Block in the Kirthar Foldbelt, Sindh Province. The Lundali-1 well encountered gas in the Paleocene and will be commercialised through an early production scheme into the Bhit gas processing facility 30 kms to the west. Eni is operator of the Sukhpur Block with 45% along with PPL (30%) and KUFPEC (25%).


Oct 2012: OMV (operator, 33.34%) signed a development and production lease for the Latif gas field in Sindh province partnering Eni and PPL. The development will comprise the 4 new wells and a 50km pipeline to the Sawan gas plant. The field was discovered in 2007 and started production under a well testing arrangement in late 2008. It is planned to commence full production in late 2013. Sawan is a sour gas processing plant which has been operated by OMV since 2003.

Sep 2012: Eni has discovered a gas at Badhra B North in the Badhra Area B concession within the Khirtar Fold Belt, 20 kms east of the Bhit processing facility that handles gas from the Bhit and Badhra fields.The well encountered over 54 m of net gas pay in 2 Cretaceous sandstones of the Mughal Kot Formation. The discovery, estimated at 10 bcm has a long-term production test planned.

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