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Jul 2021: Pharos Energy announced commencement of the TGT Field Infill Drilling Programme including 4 wells planned for 2021 and 2 wells in 2022 along with a further 9 contingent wells in subsequent years. The field is in 47m of water in the Cuu Long Basin. Production commenced in 2011.

Jun 2021: Hoang Long JOC (PetroVietnam. 41%, Pharos, 30.5% and PTTEP, 28.5%) will begin a 6 well development drilling campaign at the Te Giac Trang field in the offshore Cuu Long basin to raise output to 20,000 bblsoe per day.


Nov 2020: Idemitsu (operator, 43.08%), PetroVietnam (36.92%) and Teikoku (20%) began gas production from the Sao Vang-Dai Nguyet HP/HT fields in the Nam Con Son basin, Block 05-1, water depth 118m, planned at 1.5 bcm a year and 7,500 bbls of condensate a day. The Nam Con Son 2 pipeline runs to onshore facilities in Vung Tau with condensate going to the FSO Golden Star.

Jul 2020: Eni (operator, 50%) and Essar (50%) announced that offshore well Ken Bau-2X in Block 114 of the Song Hong Basin confirmed significant gas and condensate volumes in the Ken Bau field. The well was drilled 2 kms from the 2019 discovery well in 95 m of water, encountering 110m of pay in Miocene sandstone intervals. Additional drilling and testing is planned.

Mar 2020: Jadestone Energy will delay its offshore Nam Du and U Minh gas field developments to at least late 2022 due to low prices. Nam Du is in Block 46/07 on the NE margin of the Malay-Tho Chu Basin in a water depth of 48m.


Jul 2019: Eni (operator, 50%), with Essar (50%), discovered gas and condensate in the Ken Bau 1X well in Block 114 of the offshore Song Hong basin. It encountered 100m of Miocene gas sandstones but was forced to plug and abandon the well early before testing.

May 2019: Murphy (operator, 40%) with PetroVietnam (35% carried) and SK Innovation (25%) discovered oil with the LDT-1X well on block 15-1/05 in the Cuu Long basin. It will be incorporated into the development of the LDV field due tol see first oil in 2021.

Mar 2019: Petronas will sell gas from Malaysia to Vietnam from joint Block PM3 CAA. The deal will supply additional gas for the Ca Mau Province gas, power, fertilizer complex.

Jan 2019: ExxonMobil and PetroVietnam plan to develop the offshore Ca Voi Xanh (Blue Whale) gas/condensate field in block 118 pending an FID in 2020. An offshore platform, a gas pipeline, an onshore gas treatment plant and 2 electricity power plants are planned.

Jan 2019: First oil from the Ca Tam oil field in Block 09-3/12 in the Cuu Long basin was produced from the CTC1-WHP platform by Vietsovpetro (operator, 55%), PetroVietnam (30%) and Bitexco Group (15%). Water depth ranges from 15 to 60m. CTC1-WHP is hooked up to existing facilities in Block 09-1.


May 2018: Jadestone received approval of its Outline Development Plans for the Nam Du and U Minh gas fields in offshore Blocks 46/07 and 51 respectively. The fields contain gas and condensate and will be stand-alone developments using an existing pipeline to feed the Ca Mau power complex and fertiliser plant. First gas is due in late 2021.

Mar 2018: PetroVietnam ordered Repsol to suspend development of the Ca Dong Ro oil and gas field (Red Emperor) in Block 07/03 off the southeast coast in the wake of Chinese pressure. A rig had been scheduled to depart from Singapore for the drill site. It lies in a disputed part of the South China Sea.


Nov 2017: Murphy Oil has discovered oil with the CM-1X well in the offshore Nam Con Son basin. The block contains the CT-1X discovery well drilled in 2Q 2017. Murphy is also active in the Cuu Long basin in block 15-1/05 where the LDV discovery is due for a declaration of commerciality in 2018.

Feb 2017: The government has approved Hoang Long Joint Operating Co.’s updated development plan for the Te Giac Trang field in the Cuu Long basin. The approval covers up to 18 additional wells and installation of additional processing equipment on the H1 WH platform designed to handle 90,000 bbls per day of liquids with a water handling capacity of up to 65,000 bbls per day.

Jan 2017: Vietsovpetro has produced first gas and condensate from the TU-6 well of the BK-TNG platform at the offshore Thien Ung field. The field is in license 04-3 in the Nam Con Son basin, southeast of the Bach Ho field, in a water depth of 120m.

Jan 2017: PetroVietnam signed an agreement with Exxon Mobil to develop the Ca Voi Xanh (Blue Whale) gas field by 2023. Blue Whale is Vietnam's biggest gas project with an estimated 150 bcm of gas. Vietnam is trying to switch to cleaner energy from coal-fired power plants.


Dec 2016: Soco announced that 2 infill development wells on the Te Giac Trang field in offshore Block 16-1 have encountered hydrocarbons throughout the Miocene and Oligocene reservoir horizons. The TGT field is owned by Soco (operator, 28.5%), PTT (28.5%), Petrovietnam (41%) and OPECO (2%).

Aug 2016: Rosneft has found gas condensate in the Nam Con Son basin with the Hakuryu-5 semisub.-submersible drilling rig. Well PLDD discovered the Wild Orchid field in Block 06.1. The discovery could be developed with a subsea tie-back to the Lan Tay platform.

May 2016: Petrovietnam (30%) and Petronas (35%) announced the signing of a 10-year extension of the PSC for the PM3 Commercial Arrangement Area (CAA) with Talisman (operator, 35%). The project involves 5 offshore fields (Bunga Orkid, Bunga Kekwa, Bunga Raya, Bunga Tulip and Bunga Saroja) and surrounding acreage in the overlapping zone between Vietnam and Malaysia.


May 2015: Gazprom will drill an exploration well in Block 129 in 2015, the first to be drilled at a water depth over 1,600m in Vietnam. Vietgazprom, joint operating company of Gazprom and PetroVietnam, has an interest in Blocks  112, 129, 130, 131, 132. In 2013  the company launched gas production from the Moc Tinh and Hai Thach fields in Blocks 05.2 and 05.3.

Apr 2015: Talisman is finalising the Field Development Plan (FDP) for the Ca Rong Do (CRD) oil and gas field in offshore Block 07/03. The work includes optimising oil development, commercialisation of gas and tendering  the Tension Leg Wellhead Platform (TWHLP) and FPSO.


Aug 2014: Idemitsu, JX Nippon and Teikoku have reported the discovery of gas and condensate at the  Sao Vang-1X well in offshore Blocks 05-1b and 05-1c, 300 kms SE of Ho Chi Minh City. This is the fourth well drilled and follows 2 other discoveries.

Jul 2014: Santos (31.875%), along with operator Premier and PetroVietnam, announced that oil production has commenced from the offshore Dua oil project. Dua is a 3-well subsea tie-back to the Chim Sao field in Block 12W in the Nam Con Son Basin. The production rate is estimated to average 8,000 bbls per day for the first year.

Jun 2014: Petrovietnam has begun pumping 8,000 bbls of oil per day from 6 wells in the Thang Long field in the 01-02/97 blocks, while production is expected to start at the nearby Dong Do field later in June. Output is expected to peak at 12,000-15,000 bbls per day. The operator, Lam Son JOC, uses two wellhead platforms and the Lam Son FPSO.

Mar 2014: The Lam Son FPSO is complete after Keppel took 22 months to convert it from an old tanker. The FPSO will be deployed in the Thang Long and Dong Do oil fields  in the Cuu Long Basin. It will be capable of producing 15,000-20,000 bbls per day.  Lam Son is a JOC established by Petronas (50%) and PetroVietnam (50%).


Dec 2013: The Cua Lo-1 ST1 exploration well in Block 105, operated by ENI in the offshore Song Hong Basin is a potentially significant gas discovery.

Sep 2013: SOCO has announced that the test of the TGT-10XST1 exploration well on the H5 fault block of the Te Giac Trang field flowed at a combined maximum rate of over 27,600 bbls of oil equivalent per day. The well is 6 kms south of the H4 Well Head Platform in the southern part of the field in Block 16-1 in the Cuu Long Basin.

Aug 2013: Hoan Vu Joint Operating Company (HVJOC), operator of the Ca Ngu Vang field (CNV), received approval for the Full Field Development Plan including drilling the CNV-7P development well to allow access to the south western corner. Daily oil production rates in 2013 have averaged 7,000 bbls per day.

Aug 2013: The Dua field operated by Premier in the Nam Con Son basin is being developed as a subsea tie-back to the Chim Sao field. The subsea structures and equipment to tie Dua into the FPSO are completed and drilling of 3 wells is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter. First oil is targeted for the first half of 2014.

May 2013: Talisman announced first oil from the Hai Su Trang and Hai Su Den (HST/HSD) development on the western edge of the Cuu Long Basin, off Vietnam. Production is expected to reach 15,000 bbls per day once the facilities are fully commissioned. The development comprises a wellhead platform on each field in 45m of water in Block 15-2/01 tied back to the Te Giac Trang FPSO. It is operated by the Thang Long Joint Operating Company (TLJOC) in which Talisman holds 60% and Petrovietnam 40%.

Apr 2013: SOCO has announced that the Hoang Long Joint Operating Company has completed the first phase of a multi-stage test of the Te Giac Trang (TGT) FPSO oil production handling capacity beyond the 55,000 bbls of oil per day contractual minimum quantity. The FPSO should be able to handle volumes of around 70,000 bbls of oil per day with the TGT Field production levels then maintained at an average rate of 55,000 bbls of oil per day.


Nov 2012: The southern offshore  Su Tu Trang field has started gas production. The field in Block 15.01 in the Cuu Long basin is operated by Cuu Long Joint Operating Company, owned by PetroVietnam (50%), ConocoPhillips (23.25%), Korea National Oil Corp. (14.25%), SK Innovation (9%) and Geopetrol (3.50%).

Sep 2012: TNK Vietnam has started gas production from the Lan Do field in Block 06.1, offshore southern Vietnam. The field lies 360 kms offshore of Vung Tau city and is forecast to produce 2 bcm per year. The development began in 2010.

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