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Jan 2013: The Ministry of Mines (MOM) launched the Amu Darya Tender for exploration, development and production in the Amu Darya basin in the north of the country requesting expressions of Interest for the Totimaidan Block containing the Juma and Bashikurd gas fields, which were discovered in the Soviet era.


Oct 2013: Dragon Oil and TPAO have signed with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum exploration and production sharing contracts (EPSCs) for 2 blocks, Sanduqli, operated by Dragon, and Mazar-i-Sharif, operated by TPAO, in the Afghan-Tajik Phase 1 Oil & Gas Tender. The blocks border Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Mar 2013: CNPC is due to start commercial production of oil from the Afghan-Tajik Basin this year although the security situation remains a problem for foreign investors. Output is planned to rise to 25,000 bbls per day by the end of 2013 and to 40,000 bbls per day in 2014 with all oil exported northwards by truck (GS notes: unlikely to reach these levels in the short term). The target is to produce enough oil to feed a 44,000 bbl per day refinery due to be completed in 3 years.


Nov 2012: At the close of bidding in the Afghan Tajik Tender 2 blocks received a single bid while the remaining blocks did not receive any bids. Mazar-I-Sharif and Sanduqli were awarded to a consortium composed of Dragon Oil (40%), TPAO (40%) and Ghazanfar Group (20%). TPAO is operator of the Mazar-I-Sharif block, while Dragon is operator of the Sanduqli block.

Mar 2012: The Ministry of Mines launched the Afghan Tajik Tender for exploration, development and production in the Afghan-Tajik basin in the north. The blocks on offer are Ahmadabad, Balkh, Mazar-I-Sharif, Mohammed Jan Dagar, Sanduqli and Shamar.


Dec 2011: A consortium comprising CNPC and a local company, Watan Oil and Gas, was chosen as the winner for all 3 blocks in the Amu Darya Tender 2011 licensing round.

Mar 2011: The Ministry of Mines launched the Amu Darya Oil Tender 2011 licensing round. Under the round, 3 blocks with discovered oil and gas fields were offered for competitive bidding. The blocks offered were Zamarudsay, Bazarkhami and Kashkari. I


Nov 2009: The Ministry of Mines launched the First Afghan Hydrocarbon Bidding Round in Mar 2009 to initiate hydrocarbon exploration in northern Afghanistan. Three blocks with known oil and gas accumulations were offered. Although 8 companies pre-qualified for the round, only one bid was placed for one block, which was subsequently rejected by the evaluation committee.

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