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Feb 2016: Africa Oil announced it has completed a farm-out deal with Maersk in relation to the South Omo and Rift Basin Blocks. Following the deal, Africa Oil and Maersk each hold 25% in the Rift Basin block and 15% in the South Omo block.


Sep 2015: A US$1.55bn, 550kms long, pipeline will be constructed to transport diesel, gasoline and jet fuel from port access in Djibouti to Ethiopia. The project, known as the Horn of Africa Pipeline, includes an import facility and 950,000 bbls of storage capacity at each end.

Mar 2015: Ethiopia hopes to produce and export gas from its SE Somali Region by 2017. The Mines Ministry has said that the Calub and Hilala fields, discovered in the 1970s, have substantial gas and condensate reserves. China's GCL-Poly Petroleum Investments signed a PSC in late 2013 to develop these fields. A pipeline is planned to Djibouti costing more than US$4 bn.


May 2014: Africa Oil reports that the Shimela-1 well is being drilled in the Chew Bahir basin on the South Omo block along the Tertiary rift trend with similarities to Kenya. The rig will then move to Gardim in the south of the basin. Africa Oil holds 30% along with Tullow (operator, 50%) and Marathon (20%). The company has also completed the El Kuran-3 well on Block 8, an appraisal of a 1970s discovery. A tight gas-condensate zone in the Jurassic Hammanlei carbonates requires fracture stimulation.

Mar 2014: Africa Oil has  received  government approval for 2 farmouts. Marathon will acquire a 50% interest in the Rift Basin Area and New Age Ethiopia will acquire a 40% interest in the Adigala Block. The Rift Basin Area extends to the northeast of the prospective South Omo Block and Kenyan Blocks 10BA, 10BB, 13T, and 12A. A 1,200 km 2D seismic survey will be acquired in 2014.


Dec 2013: Tullow reported that its Tultule-1 well in the South Omo block was dry. The well was targeting a reservoir  similar to the nearby Sabisa-1 well. The results of these will be analyzed to determine the future exploration and the OGEC rig will move to the Chew Bahir basin to drill the Shimela prospect. Tullow is operator with 50% with Africa Oil (30%) and Marathon (20%).

Jul 2013: Tullow Oil has announced that the Sabisa-1 well, within the South Omo Block, the most northerly well drilled in the Turkana Basin trend (north of the Ngamia and Twiga discoveries in Kenya), encountered reservoir quality sands and oil shows. A decision has been made to drill the nearby Tultule prospect. Follow-up prospects have been mapped in this part of the South Omo Block and in the adjacent Chew Bahir Basin.

Apr 2013: Tullow Oil has hit hydrocarbons in the Sabisa-1 exploration well in the South Omo Block in the south of the country. However, the well requires a side-track to properly log and sample the objective section due to hole instability

Apr 2013: SouthWest Energy holds exploration acreage covering around 4% of Ethiopia and will drill 3 wells in 2013 and 2014 in its Jijiga basin blocks 9, 9A and 13 on the border with Somalia in the east. The company also has acreage in the west in the Gambella basin bordering South Sudan, and in the nearby Jimma Block.

Jan 2013: Drilling commenced on January 13 on the Sabisa-1 well in the South Omo Block by the Operator, Tullow. The well is expected to take 60 days to reach a depth of 2,600m. Tullow holds 50% with Africa Oil (30%) and Agriterra (20%). Marathon has transacted to purchase Agriterra's interest subject to Ethiopian Government approval. The South Omo Block is located in the northern portion of the Tertiary East African Rift trend where 2 significant discoveries in the Lokichar Basin of Kenya have been made. Partners are also currently acquiring 1,000 kms of seismic data in the Chew Bahir Basin, in the eastern part of the block.


Oct 2012: Marathon has entered into a sale and purchase agreement with Agriterra to acquire its 20% interest in the South Omo concession in Ethiopia. Tullow is operator (50%) with Africa Oil holding the remaining 30%. Marathon expects an exploration well to spud in the fourth quarter of 2012. The concession lies in the Tertiary rift trend and is on trend with the recent Ngamia-1 discovery in Kenya.

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