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No significant news in 2024.


Jul 2023: Po Valley Operations (operator, 63%) and Prospex Energy (37%) announced the start of gas production from the Podere Maiar-1 (PM-1) gas facility at the Selva field in the Selva Malvezzi production concession.


Aug 2022: Italy will have to pay US$189.3 mm to Rockhopper Exploration for breaching its obligations related to the company's Ombrina Mare Field in the Adriatic Sea.


Nov 2021: Construction has started in Sicily’s Gela area to handle gas from the offshore Argo and Cassiopea fields. Capex is US$814 mm and first gas is due in 1H 2024. They will be developed via 4 subsea wells and tie-ins will to allow other discoveries (Panda, Panda West) to be eventually brought onstream.

Oct 2021: Prospex Energy provided an update on the Selva field development in the Podere Gallina licence operated by Po Valley Energy. There has been a delay to tie-in of the field to the national gas grid by pipeline operator, SNAM. First gas is now planned for 1H 2023 and Capex will increase by 15%.  

Apr 2021: Po Valley Energy received environmental approval for the onshore Selva and offshore Teodorico gas fields, paving the way for the grant of full production licences for both projects. Selva, in the Selva Malvezzi Production Concession, is being prepared for production by mid 2022 . Teodorico, in 30m of water in the Adriatic Sea, can now be granted a production concession.


Oct 2020: Partners, BP (20%), SOCAR (20%), Snam (20%), Fluxys (19%), Enagás (16%), and Axpo (5%) have almost completed construction of the 878 km Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). Gas produced from the Shah Deniz II field in the Azerbaijani Caspian Sea via the Trans Anatolian Pipeline meets TAP at the Greek-Turkish border in Kipoi. The line runs across Greece, Albania and the Adriatic to a terminal in Puglia, southern Italy.

Apr 2020: United reports that the Selva gas field is continuing to progress through the approval process but, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the target for first gas from the field is now H1 2021.  

Jan 2020: Edison (soon to be taken over by Energean) and Eni have received renewal of the EIA approval on the deepwater Cassiopea development in the Strait of Sicily and first gas is now expected in 2022.

Jan 2020: Po Valley Energy (operator, 63%), United Oil and Gas (20%) and Prospex (17%) have received approval from the Environment Ministry for the Selva gas field development in the Podere Gallina licence. Selva has gas reserves of 0.38 bcm and plans are to install a fully automated gas plant at the existing well site with a 1km pipeline to the National Gas Grid.


May 2019: Edison and Eni (operator) have started developing gas reserves in the G.C1.AG. concession, offshore Sicily. The field will produce approximately 1.5 bcm of gas per year with Capex of around US$680 mm. First production is expected in 4Q 2021.

Feb 2019: The Senate has suspended exploration activities for 18 months to evaluate the suitability of exploration areas for sustainable hydrocarbon exploration and production activities.

Jan 2019: Po Valley Energy (operator, 63%) announced preliminary approval for a first production well at its onshore Selva Malvezzi field, northeast of Bologna. Partners are United Oil & Gas (20%) and Prospex Oil & Gas (17%).

Jan 2019: The government is planning to block the issuing of 36 oil and gas permits in order to cut the country's carbon footprint. The ruling coalition wants to boost the role of renewable energy and plans to phase out coal power production by 2025 and all fossil fuels by 2050.


May 2018: Po Valley (operator, 60%), with United (20%) and Prospex (17%), have submitted a production concession application to install an automatic gas plant at the Selva Malvezzi gas field with a capacity to produce around 0.06 bcm a year. This follows testing of the field’s Podere Maiar-1dir exploration well within the Podere Gallina licence.

Feb 2018: Po Valley will develop the Teodorico gas field in the shallow waters of the Adriatic Sea; drilling 2 wells and installing a 12 km pipeline to the Naomi Pandora gas processing facility. Also, Po Valley reported a reduction in reserves of the Bezzecca and Sillaro gas fields.

Jan 2018: Po Valley (operator, 63%) announced a gas discovery  at the Podere Maiar 1dir exploration well in the Selva gas field within the Podere Gallina Exploration license. Two gas reservoirs were intersected in Medium to Upper Pliocene sands of the Porto Garibaldi Formation. Partners are United Oil & Gas (20%) and Prospex Oil & Gas (17%). The license was awarded in 2008.


Apr 2017: Saffron Energy has received approval from the Ministry of Economic Development (UNMIG) for gas production at the Bezzecca gas field. Commissioning and gas production will commence soon. Bezzecca is east of Milan within the Po Valley Basin operated by subsidiary Northsun Italia.


Nov 2016: Po Valley has been awarded a preliminary Production Concession for the 1.3 bcm Teodorico gas field in 25m of water in the northern Adriatic Sea AR94PY licence. It is an ENI discovery with 5 wells already drilled. Following the grant of a full concession 2 production wells will be drilled and the field will tied back to ENI’s offshore Naomi Pandora gas processing facility.

Aug 2016: Eni has restarted the Val d’Agri oil centre in Viggiano and is gradually reopening the production wells. Production was halted earlier in 2016 after the authorities seized part of the oil-treatment facility amid a waste-disposal investigation.

Feb 2016: Rockhopper has been informed by the Ministry of Economic Development that, following the re-introduction of the ban on activity within 12 nautical miles of the coast , the Production Concession over the Ombrina Mare Field will now not be awarded.

Jan 2016: Parliament has approved the 2016 Budget Law reintroducing restrictions on offshore activity including a ban within 12 miles of the coast. This restriction was originally introduced in 2010 and repealed in 2012. Exceptions apply for existing production concessions.   


Nov 2015: Rockhopper (operator, 100%) has achieved first production from the Civita gas field, onshore in the Abruzzo region within the Aglavizza production concession.

May 2015: Rockhopper (operator, 100%) has approval of the EIA for the Ombrina Mare gas field in shallow waters of the Central Adriatic. Meanwhile the Guendalina gas field in the Northern Adriatic, operated by Eni (80%) with Rockhopper (20%), and producing since 2011, has a modest production increase after a workover. A sidetrack to the GUE2 well will be drilled later in 2015.

Apr 2015: Sound Oil has final approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Nervesa gas field production concession from the Veneto Region. Drilling of the second Nervesa well will begin soon and first commercial production is  expected  in late 2015.


Jul 2014: Sound Oil has announced the first gas delivery from its second onshore field, Casa Tiberi, in the Marche Region. The  production rate is around 0.01 mmcm per day from the Lower Pliocene Cellino formation. First gas from the 0.7 bcm Nervesa field is due in 2015.

Jun 2014: Sound Oil has been awarded the D.R74.AP Permit containing the Laura field, a discovery 4 kms offshore in the Gulf of Taranto. The field was discovered by ENI in 1980 and Sound Oil plans to drill the reservoir from an onshore location.


Nov 2013: Sound Oil will develop the small Casa Tiberi onshore gas field in the Marche region, Central Italy. First gas from the field is due in early 2014 which will be delivered to the local low pressure network.

Sep 2013: Po Valley Energy has tested the Quaternary gas bearing level of the Gradizza-1 discovery. The well has been single completed with a gravel pack the Company will review the data to assess the commercial potential and resources of the field. Gradizza is located in the La Prospera licence north of Bologna.

Aug 2013: Italy has almost halved the offshore area where companies can explore for oil and gas, cutting the acreage available from 255,000 sq kms to 139,000 sq kms. Activity is now off-limits within 12 miles of all Italy's coastlines and protected areas though new acreage has been opened up near Spanish and French operations around the Balearic Islands.

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