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No significant news in 2021.


Jun 2020: Cadogan Petroleum and Ukrnafta announced that wells Blazhiv-3 and Blazhiv-3-Monastyrets have resumed. They have been shut-in since November 2019.


Jun 2019: A series of licensing rounds are planned after 35 onshore blocks and 1 offshore block (Dolphin) have been opened for competitive bidding. All the onshore blocks are located in proven petroleum provinces. So far 9 have been awarded in 2 rounds whilst a 3rd round is now scheduled offering 9 blocks in three regions.


May 2019: Nine blocks opened for PSA tender in February received 22 bids from 13 companies including Vermilion, state-owned UGV, Aspect Energy and Nafta. The Intergovernmental Commission has to evaluate bids within one month and advise the Cabinet of Ministers.

Jan 2018: The Ukrainian market received 0.7 bcm of gas from the Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) in 2017, doubling rates since imports began in August 2016 via a direct interconnector.


No significant news in 2017.


Jul 2016: A company set up by investment fund Emerstone Energy has won a contract for shale gas exploration after Shell withdrew. The Yuzivska field is located in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions in areas bordering territory seized by pro-Russian separatists.


Jun 2015: Shell is considering withdrawing from its last exploration well due to the ongoing conflict between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces. Shell said it has been unable to perform its commitments in relation to the Yuzivska PSC.

May 2015: JKX Oil & Gas has beenawarded an areal extension to its Elizavetovskoye production licence to include the West Mashivske prospect. The prospect lies to the SW of Poltava, to the west of Elizavetovskoye and any production will be tied back to the production facility.

Mar 2015: JKX has received confirmation from the state gas distributor that all its nominations for March delivery of gas to industrial customers have been accepted. The Company has now returned all wells to full production after the lapse of a decree directing industrial buyers to acquire gas from the state company, Naftogaz.

Jan 2015: JKX has decided to suspend its 2015 capital investment programme in Ukraine until the economic parameters for investment improve. The market available to private gas producers in Ukraine continues to contract. The temporary level of tax on gas production of 55% has been incorporated into the Ukrainian tax code for 2015.


Jun 2014: Serinus Energy has decided to put developmental field operations on hold. Production will continue, but current drilling, workover and development activities will be wound down. In particular, the area around Lugansk where the Vergunskoye and Krutogorovskoye fields are located is no longer controlled by the government and production at the Vergunskoye field has been shut in.

Mar 2014: Shell broke off talks in January over participation in the development of the deep water Skifska field (GS notes: although called a field, Skifska is actually an exploration block) in the Black Sea. Skifska was estimated to hold potential reserves of 200 to 250 bcm of gas. Skifska and the other deep water blocks, Foroska, Prykerchinska and Yavriska, lie mostly in Crimea.  

Mar 2014: Ukrainian plans for expanding Black Sea gas output are vulnerable  since most of Ukraine's offshore developments lie in Crimea. The region has attracted energy majors including Exxon, Shell, ENI and OMV. In the event Crimea joins Russia most of Ukraine's Black Sea gas would end up in Russian hands but connected to Ukraine's infrastructure.

Feb 2014: Regal Petroleum has reported that its SV-59 gas/condensate well on its Svyrydivske field has been completed, flowing at an average rate of 154 bbls of oil equivalent per day. Regal also reported that its MEX-120 well on the Mekhediviska-Golotvshinska gas/condensate field will be hydraulically fractured during February and March.

Jan 2014: JKX has announced start-up of the Elizavetovskoye field with completion of the first of 5 development wells, E-301. The well is flowing gas to a new early production facility 35 kms to the southeast of Poltava at a stabilised rate of 0.075 bcm per year plus small volumes of condensate.  


Nov 2013: Eni has signed a PSA for an area in the Black Sea in the eastern part of the Crimean peninsula including a license for Subbotina block (including a discovery) and for Abiha, Mayachna and Kavkazka blocks (collectively known as the Pry Kerch block). Eni is operator with 50% along with EDF (5%) and state-owned Vody Ukrainy (35%.) and Chornomornaftogaz (10%).

Nov 2013: The government has signed a US$10 bn shale gas PSC with Chevron at the Olesska field in Western Ukraine. Ukraine, through shale, offshore exploration and LNG terminals is trying to reduce its dependence on gas imports from Russia.

Sep 2013: Shell, along with Ukraine's Nadra Yuzivska, has signed an agreement for the company’s operation in the Yuzivske gas field in Eastern Ukraine, Kharkiv and Donetsk oblasts. Along with conventional gas, the company plans to extract shale and tight gas. Production is planned to begin in 2015.

Jan 2013: Shell will sign a $10 billion production sharing agreement to develop unconventional gas resources. Shell won a tender in 2012 for the Yuzivska deposit in eastern Ukraine. Chevron won the rights to develop the slightly smaller Olekse deposit in western Ukraine.The country is trying to diversify its energy sources away from Gazprom. It imported 32.5 bcm of Russian gas in 2012 but plans to extract up to 2 bcm of gas from its Black Sea shelf, and buy 5 bcm of gas from western Europe.


Sep 2012: ExxonMobil, Shell, OMV Petrom and Ukrainian state company, Nadra are to explore for oil and especially gas in the deep water shelf of Ukraine known as the Scythian region, near to the Romanian border. It will take nearly a decade to establish commercial gas production if successful. Ukraine is opening up to large foreign companies. In May 2012 Shell and Chevron obtained rights to develop onshore shale gas in the Yuzivske and Oleske areas respectively.

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